Boulder's Big For Sale Thread!!! ***Updated 1/3***

Hey y'all!!! Been a while, but I'm back and I have a bunch of stuff that needs new homes...
Here we go!!!

Items I'm interested in for trades are listed at the bottom...

Lots Of Lightheads!!!
- 3 Federal Signal 9-LED Solaris Heads - Blue with wiring pigtail
$20 Each Shipped, $50 shipped for all 3 - OBO

- 17 Federal Signal 6-LED Solaris Heads - Blue with wiring pigtail
$15 Each Shipped, $25 shipped for 2, $170 shipped for all 17!!! - OBO

- 8 Whelen 500 Series Halogen Heads w/ Mount Buckets
$15 shipped for a pair, $50 Shipped for all 8!!! - OBO

- 4 Whelen Liberty Short Corners - Blue
$75 Shipped for all 4 - OBO

- 10 Whelen Liberty/Patriot Corner Spacers (8 silver, 2 black)
$10 Shipped for 2


- 1 Federal Signal CN SignalMaster 4-Head Light Stick - Blue/White (Blue or Blue/White warning, White Flood) Brand new, never used/installed. Comes with CID box, wiring harness, full length power/ground and CAT5 cable and mounting hardware. Removed from original boxing for testing/playing.
$225 Shipped - OBO or partial trade for a split interior bar in red (Whelen InnerEdge, Federal Signal ILS, etc Also trade for dash lights in red)


- 4 Federal Signal Viper EXT Lightheads - Blue, comes with mount bezel (first 2 will recieve grommets since I only have 2)
$75 Shipped for a pair, $125 Shipped for all 4!!! - OBO or trade for comparable red LED heads (Whelen, Federal Signal, Feniex, etc)


911EP TD28s
One is a R-R-A-B-A-A-R-A-B-B, had about 5 foot of cable
The other is all Amber and has about a foot of cable
$125 each shipped or $225 shipped for both OBO, or trade for similar lightsticks in all red

20170815_163519.jpg 20170815_163237_018.jpg 20170815_163237_017.jpg

51" Federal Signal Valor, All Blue/White front/sides, All Blue/Amber rear. Will come with full length power/ground/CAT5 and CID Box with wiring harness, mount feet and straps (random straps I found in my collection that worked perfectly for my Durango)
$1250 obo (pick-up or I can meet withing a reasonable Distance)

20170723_181206 small.jpg
20170723_181212 small.jpg
20170723_181229 small.jpg

Trade / Wanted Items:

- Pair of Red or Red/White Feniex Cannons:
I have a pair of Blue/White ones (used for used, Currently installed and would need to receive the R/W ones first since they are my reverse lights)

- Interior Lightbar (Preferably Split):
I have my above listed Blue/White FedSig CN Stick I can partial trade for. I'd ideally like a Fed Sig ILS so I can utilize my SS2KP, but any (non-china/knock-off) interior bar would work...

- Red LED Grill Lights and Dash/Deck Lights:
I have my above listed Fed Sig Viper EXTs I can trade.

Paypal preferred

Thanks for Looking guys and Gals!!!


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C'mon guys & gals!!! Make an offer, worst I can do is say no...