Boulder's Big For Sale Thread!!! ***Updated 10/2***

Hey y'all!!! Been a while, but I'm back and I have a bunch of stuff that needs new homes...
Here we go!!!

Items I'm interested in for trades are listed at the bottom...

Lots Of Lightheads!!!
- 17 Federal Signal 6-LED Solaris Heads - Blue with wiring pigtail
$10 Each Shipped, $150 shipped for all 17!!! - OBO

- 8 Whelen 500 Series Halogen Heads w/ Mount Buckets
$10 shipped for a pair, $35 Shipped for all 8!!! - OBO

- 4 Whelen Liberty Short Corners - Blue
$50 Shipped for all 4 - OBO

- 10 Whelen Liberty/Patriot Corner Spacers (8 silver, 2 black)
$25 Shipped for all

Or make an offer on what you want...


- Feniex Titan T-1000 (Original T-4 version) - All 40 Degree "spot" optics. I got it factory refurbed about 3-4 years ago and its sat on a shelf ever since. Factory full length power cable, no mounts.
$200 Shipped OBO


- Federal Signal CN SignalMaser 4-Head Stick Internals - Blue/White (Blue or Blue/White warning, White Flood) Comes with a power/ground pigtail, just need a CAT-5 Cable and a CID box an you're set for a custom dash/deck light.
$125 Shipped OBO


- 2 Federal Signal Viper EXT Lightheads - Blue, comes with mount bezel
$55 Shipped for a pair - OBO or trade for comparable red LED heads (Whelen, Federal Signal, Feniex, etc)


Code3 RX2700 Parts
2 Blue outer tops - $60 Shipped OBO
1 Clear center top with lower - $40 Shipped OBO

RX2700 Tops (1).jpg

Federal Signal 54" Legend Tops
$65 Shipped OBO


Federal Signal Legend TakeDown ROC Boards, depopulated comes with Cables
$40 Shipped for the pair


Federal Signal Legend Outer ROC Boards - Converted to Blue by our own Wilson, Fully Populated front and sides, de-populated rears, MR11 Alley lights, comes with cables
$55 Shipped Each, $100 Shipped for the pair OBO
Federal Signal Legend Inner ROC Board - Converted to Blue by our own Wilson, populated front, de-populated rear, comes with cable.
$40 shipped OBO

Federal Signal Legend Control Board
$30 Shipped OBO


Bundle Deal: All Fed Sig Legend ROC Boards and Control Board
$200 Shipped


Feniex Pegasus Split Visor Bar Frame - Comes with all 10 light head mounts and screws, comes with all 4 mount brackets (only 3 pictured but I found the 4th). Great base for a custom project...
$65 Shipped OBO - SPF


51" Federal Signal Valor, All Blue/White front/sides, All Blue/Amber rear. Will come with full length power/ground/CAT5 and CID Box with wiring harness, mount feet and straps (random straps I found in my collection that worked perfectly for my Durango)
$1250 obo (pick-up or I can meet withing a reasonable Distance)

20170723_181229 small.jpg

Trade / Wanted Items:

- Pair of Red or Red/White Feniex Cannons:
I have a pair of Blue/White ones (used for used, Currently installed and would need to receive the R/W ones first since they are my reverse lights)

- Red LED Grill Lights and Dash/Deck Lights:
I have my above listed Fed Sig Viper EXTs I can trade.

Paypal preferred

Thanks for Looking guys and Gals!!!


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Items removed / Ad updated...

C'mon guys & gals!!! Make an offer, worst I can do is say no...
Bunch of good stuff here, make me an offer on stuff you'd like... I'm willing to deal...
Got a baby coming and needs some extra money... lol
Updated and new items added!!!
Really looking to get rid of some stuff... Make me an offer on anything!!!

Baby will be here in 2 months!!! LoL
Pics added!!! C'mon guys and gals!!! I got a bunch of good stuff here looking for new homes... Don't be afraid to shoot me an offer!!!

Its almost baby time so I'm looking for some extra funds...

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