Can BluPrint control head do this?

John Smith

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I've got several PIU's headed to my upfitter here in a few weeks. The upfitter is respected, they do quality work. However most the cars come out setup the same, and I want ours to be slightly different.

One of the downsides of the BluPrint lightbar controller is you are restricted to 8 buttons. Now they can program one button to do multiple things for the arrow stick, so first push is left arrow, second right arrow, third center out, fourth off, etc.

Can some/all 8 buttons be programmed to control multiple functions with each push? I don't need them all to, but there are a couple other buttons that I'd like to control 2-3 related functions with each subsequent button press.

Thank you!

I need left alley, right alley, take down, flood (All red/blue steady 100%), cruise mode, tail (Only rear lighting), rear kill (Pursuits), left arrow, right arrow, center out, Amber flash, tail/rear only, long gun release, brake light kill, and maybe 1-2 more I can't remember.

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