Carson Siren HELP!

May 21, 2010
Delafield, WI
I have a Carson SC-550 Stealth Siren and I am not getting power to mode "3" on the slide switch. Fuse is good, all the wiring is good. Took a test light to check power to the unit and all is well with the siren box except I am not getting power to mode "3" at all. I am assuming it is an internal problem, any suggestions for when I open it up this weekend? All the help I can get will be appreciated.




Jun 2, 2010
The slide switch uses optical sensors to determine its position rather than a physical contact. That makes troubleshooting it a little more difficult and not typically something the end user can fix. If you carefully open the control head you might be able to see if it's damaged, otherwise it might be something in the amp like a burnt out relay. Hard to say without looking at it.

You can also call Carson and they can help you over the phone. The designers of the sirens themselves are the ones who provide the tech support. Very friendly and knowledgable folks, give them a shout.

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