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Discussion in 'Site News & Updates' started by Jman423, May 15, 2017.

  1. Jman423

    Jman423 Site Owner Administrator

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    Due to a high volume of negative feedback about being forced to use Panjo, we've rolled it back and implemented a fee-optional system within our website.

    What is fee-optional?
    If you choose, you can donate a portion of your proceeds to eLightbars to help offset the cost of maintenance, licensing, and upkeep. You are not required or obligated in any way, and if you choose not to contribute, the only fees you'll pay will be to your payment processor (PayPal).

    What payment processors are available?
    PayPal is integrated at the moment, but there is an option to allow the sellers and buyers to negotiate an alternative payment method outside of eLightbars/PayPal. Keep in mind, any and all transactions, whether through eLightbars/PayPal are the sole responsibility of the parties involved in the transaction. eLightbars is not responsible for any aspects of the sale from the delivery/non-delivery of goods to the transfer of funds, to the condition of an item once it has been delivered. We are solely the venue in which members can conduct their business.

    What happened to Panjo?
    We will continue to offer Panjo to our community, but we will not require use of it. Separate forums will be setup similar to how they were that will allow you to use Panjo. We encourage you to use Panjo because it advertises your products to a much broader audience, but many have complained about the amount of fees involved in teh transaction.

    How does the new system work?
    Simply start a thread in the appropriate forum section as you normally would. Select a quantity, a price, and an optional community donation... then just fill out your item's description and attach images. It will be prefixed appropriately and the price will be displayed in the thread list as potential shoppers browse available items.

    What's the catch?
    The biggest thing we'll be enforcing is one product (or multiple quantities of the same product) per thread. The system is not designed to allow for multiple products per thread, just like Panjo. We invite you to post as many threads as it takes to get your products sold, and each one will be present to members using the "New Posts" button. With Google indexing our site daily, your products will also likely be indexed in search results before too long.

    When does it start?
    Now, give it a try. Existing listings are untouched and will remain in the same place they have been.

    If you need support, post in this thread and we'll respond as quickly as possible.

    Thank you
  2. Dave F

    Dave F Moderator Support Staff

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    as asked before; can we redo banners in all selling areas with all rules pertaining to selling? hard to enforce rules when people arent aware of what they are. thanks for all your hard work Jimmy and congrads on your new ownership
  3. Jman423

    Jman423 Site Owner Administrator

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    I am working on a system that will require all users to agree to all rules prior to further use of the site, however, I am not opposed to posting rules in the classifieds section as requested.
  4. FEVER

    FEVER Platinum Level Member

    Are we limited as to what we can sell or can we sell anything now?
  5. Jman423

    Jman423 Site Owner Administrator

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    If you have to ask, you can't sell it ;)

    What is in question here?
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  6. FEVER

    FEVER Platinum Level Member

    Radios, consoles, child labor, vehicles, cocaine, uniforms, escorts, duty gear, etc... just some stuff..
  7. Adam 12

    Adam 12 Junior Member

    If we choose to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale to ELB how will the donation be made? For example will the funds to be donated automatically be sent to ELB when the PayPal option is used or will the seller have to donate the funds directly in a separate section of the site?

    Nic loving your post above. I may have to PM you about some of those items in question. ;)
  8. FEVER

    FEVER Platinum Level Member

    I'll be posting a bunch of stuff today and should get something sold. No one bought the intersectors I had on here because i was interested to see how that worked.

    I'll let you know if they dont have an answer and I sell it before then.

    As far as the above related post... the 3rd and 5th items been sold out. Thanks again JMan423 for making such a large purchase with me.
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  9. Doyle257

    Doyle257 Site Regular

    So you're saying the Escorts are still available?
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  10. FEVER

    FEVER Platinum Level Member

    wow... well played... lol they edited my post :D
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  11. Jarred J.

    Jarred J. Archive Expert Silver Level Member

    ford escorts?
  12. Tony P

    Tony P Moderator Support Staff

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    Lets keep this constructive, folks.
  13. Jman423

    Jman423 Site Owner Administrator

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    While setting up the post and choosing your price... if you choose to donate to the site, you will dictate how much and it will be sent to us (deducted from the sale price).
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  14. FEVER

    FEVER Platinum Level Member

    JUST so everyone knows.... it is a percentage.. not a dollar amount.. lol I made that mistake already... oh well.
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  15. Adam 12

    Adam 12 Junior Member

    Thank you for clarifying that Jman.

    Since it's easy and automatic I hope everyone chooses to kick back a little taste to ELB. Their can't be a single member that hasn't benefited from the wealth of knowledge available here.

    Yeah I know it sounds like I'm brown nosing but it's true at least for me personally. I would never have been able to start a side business selling equipment and doing upfits with out ELB.
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  16. hawkspringsfire

    hawkspringsfire Gold Level Member

    My for sale thread had been lost, was this part of the change? Also when I click on my content it says no results but I have posted dozen of threads?
  17. FEVER

    FEVER Platinum Level Member

    Ok, so i sold my first item on here. It was a push bumper I had listed for $180. As standard, i selected for a 5% donation to ELB. When the customer bought the item, he apparently checked out through paypal using the ELB link. I got paid $171. I checked with ELB and apparently they got the other $9 which was their percentage. It was great because I dont have to do the accounting for that $9. It never comes across my account.
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  18. tuckerm

    tuckerm Established Member

    I'd like clarification on what we can and cannot sell.

    I get that it is a LIGHTBAR forum, however, wouldn't you guys like a percentage of what I sell in an Off Topic forum..?
  19. Tony P

    Tony P Moderator Support Staff

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    Each for sale area does have a listing:
    Parts: This section is for listing PARTS as for sale or trade. Any incomplete item or components of an item of any vintage or category may be posted: lenses, domes, mounts, brackets, wiring, hardware, etc.

    Warning equipment: This section is for listing complete warning equipment as for sale or trade; Beacons, Lightbars, Lightheads, Sirens, Horns, Bells and other devices used directly for audible AND visual warning. Complete items only, no parts or components in this section please.

    Non-warning: This section is for listing complete non-warning equipment as for sale or trade; Radios, Scanners, Voice Pagers, Helmets, Uniforms, Scene Lighting, Some EMS Equipment etc. Complete items only, no parts or components in this section please.

    Vintage:This section is for listing vintage warning equipment as for sale or trade; All complete Vintage and Collectible Emergency Equipment may be posted: Audible, Visual AND Non-Warning Vintage Devices. Complete items only, no parts or components in this section please.

    There is no way we could possibly make an all-inclusive list of what is and isn't allowed. Items not specifically listed are subject to removal if staff feels they do not adhere to these guidelines. We don't want this to become a garage sale style site where people post all of their "stuff" from grills to TV's to kids clothes.

    The site welcomes and sincerely appreciates those who choose to donate a percentage of their sales to the site or become a paid member. Both help sustain the site and information resource that it has become.
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  20. tuckerm

    tuckerm Established Member

    I understand that...I'm not trying to start something here.

    I'm just saying an Off Topic forum for everything else and allow us to sell other items that may be of interest to members should be allowed.

    It's not like it costs extra to have another forum and if the site generates a % off of those sales too, what does it hurt?
  21. Tony P

    Tony P Moderator Support Staff

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    Speaking for myself, I disagree. Part of what makes this site a resource is keeping it specific to public safety equipment. If I want a grill or tv, I can peruse the FB sales, CL, or the bay.

    There could certainly be additional costs as the photos hosted would take up server space and the site doesn't generate a percentage from each sale. If a member chooses, they can donate a percentage of their sale, but if you look at the ads being created a majority have not chosen to do so.
  22. RescueWV

    RescueWV Member

    If we have unsold classifieds that were generated through Panjo, are we allowed to close those threads and create new ones with the new system? or is that a no-no?
  23. Tony P

    Tony P Moderator Support Staff

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    Yes, that is fine. Just be sure to close them via Panjo so it changes the item to "no longer available" on here.

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