Checking interest jet-streams, lp6000, starbar & val u bar

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I have a friend locally that has some older lights he is wanting to sell. I wanted to check and see if anyone was interested in his items, if so I can go take pics and maybe hatch a deal for you. He has had a lot of serious health issues and I’m just trying to help him. Serious inquires only because I have to drive a hour to get to his house. But if there are a few people interested in any of it I will go take pics if you have a serious cash offer. and if so I can buy them and ship them. Mostly between 50-100 bucks.
There are :
*2 federal jet stream bars with amber domes (not inserts) and clear centers in good shape 48ish in. Long but both have broken plastic bands that go between the center domes.
*2 code3 lp 6000 bars. Silver speaker grille in both. Very clean and presentable bars. Standard length. Amber domes. 4 rotators with diamond mirrors
*3 star bar amber light bars. All look pretty fair. All-light style.
1 whelen Val u bar-amber good condition. Black center section.
1 street hawk with silver center. Amber. Nice shape.
1 whelen edge 9000 55” amber bar.good domes. No alley or take downs only strobes and flashers.

(He also has 2 or 3 red/blue liberty bars for 160 each.) and a couple freedom bars with led take downs and alleys for 200 each)

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If you're looking to sell items please create the appropriate listings for them. Thank you
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