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Dave F

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Sep 13, 2015
Berks County PA
-Deals and threads on eLightbars must not violate or advocate violating any Local, State, Federal or International laws. Items, their ownership, sales, transfer, transportation and/or possession must not violate any local, stated, federal or international laws.

-Items, their ownership, sales, transfer, transportation and/or possession must not violate the stated policies of any 3rd party brokering, shipping or financial company or institution.

-Use of the classifieds may be restricted by administration at any time. eLightbars, it's ownership, staff and others trusted with it's operations reserve the right to restrict access to the site and it's features for any reason at any time and are not responsible for the items or transactions.

-Please take note of the structure of the classifieds. They are divided by item type and for sale vs wanted. Please post accordingly.

-The standard classifieds sections are NOT for general advertising for a company or person.

-Users must have actual items listed. There are separate threads for links to items listed elsewhere.

-All for sale, for trade or wanted posts must go in the appropriate classifieds section. No transactions are permitted in other parts of the site.

-Shipping cost or a shipping policy must be clearly stated somewhere in the ad. Terms of sale, fees and returns should be clearly stated in the ad.

-No third party sales. Seller must be the owner of the item for sale. Links to deals on other sites should be posted in the appropriate section/thread.

-Do not re-post the same item in more than one thread.

-Do not bump your thread by locking it and starting a new one with the exact same item(s).

-DO NOT edit the post so much that no one can tell what was for sale/wanted. The classified posts are kept in an archive and need to be intact so feedback posts can be linked to them.

-Users must not violate any established policies of 3rd parties involved in transactions (ie payment or shipping companies). This includes but is not limited to providing false transaction information in order to avoid fees and duties.

-eLightbars makes no attempt to verify any aspect of transactions. People who buy, sell or trade on eLightbars do so at their own risk.

-In accordance with PayPal's User Agreement, users are not allowed to charge buyers for PayPal fees. Do not request that buyers add additional costs to their total to cover fees. Do not incorrectly mark items as gifts or owed to avoid fees.

-Use a shipping service with tracking when ever possible (staff will be unable to assist otherwise).
Use a verified payment method (staff will be unable to assist otherwise). Never "wire" money or send cash/money orders.

-The condition should be clearly stated.
Items must have an accurate title and description. Descriptions and pictures must not be deceptive or misleading. Do not engage in keyword spamming or manipulation.
The listing must contain an actual picture of the item (unless item is sealed and new, then a stock photo may be used but is discouraged).

-The listing must have an asking price for each item.
Items listed elsewhere must be disclosed.

-Replies/comments made on items must be questions pertaining to the item at hand.
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