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CLOSED THREAD: FEVER Inc. Purchases Outlet PSE!

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Update 10-08-2014,  Two weeks ago we officially purchased Outlet PSE. We are going to blow out some of their stock that we wish to no longer carry. Once it is gone, we will not reorder. 

We have finally reached July 4th, 2013. Not only is this day important to this great country, but it is also an important day for the Emergency Services Personnel who always put their lives on the line for very little pay.

We have stepped up with OutletPSE :: Welcome & Happy Independence Day in an attempt to offer affordable equipment for them to use. We will not only offer emergency vehicle equipment at affordable prices. We hope to offer every possible kind of equipment needed by emergency personnel.

We are still working diligently to add new products to our store. We have thousands of products to add from our current manufacturers. We are also currently in talks with other manufacturers. As we continue to grow, we hope to be able to pass on further savings on a wider arrange of equipment needed by our brave heroes.

For this grand opening weekend, we will have free shipping on any order over $100 using coupon code “4th”. We also plan to do lightning deals throughout the weekend. These deals will be posted for one time use. It will essentially be a coupon code and a product. Place both in your cart to see the substantial discount before someone else does. Once someone purchases it, the deal will be gone. Thirty minutes will go by and the next deal will be posted. These coupon codes will be posted on eLightbars.org - The Front Page, at www.Facebook.com/OutletPSE, and at www.Twitter.com/OutletPSE. Make sure you follows at all locations. You may also post items that you want to see offered in these deals to give us ideas of what could be helpful to our clients.

If you experience or see any issues/bugs with our website. Please contact us via PM at eLightbars.org - The Front Page or e-mail the staff members that will be working through the weekend at Staff@OutletPSE.com.

We fully admit we are not perfect and expect an issue here and there despite our hard work over the past few months.

Additionally, we are more than willing to talk to new vendors/manufacturers about offering their line to our valued hero’s. If you are a manufacturer interested in joining Outlet PSE’s mission, feel free to contact us. If you are one of our valued heroes and have a brand you like, please feel free to shoot us a message and recommend them.

For other dealers, we do have a dealer network that we operate. We have already lined up several hardworking and honest dealers that share our mission. If you have the same values as us, please contact us. We would love to add you to our team. The more people we have offering Extreme Warning at a Low Cost, the better.

God bless each and every one of you for all that you do. Stay safe out there.

Outlet PSE Staff
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So, who the heck are you?


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I've PM'd several times for the elb discount code without a response. Interested in possibly making a purchase, but trying to price things out. Please respond.

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Update 10-08-2014,  Two weeks ago we officially purchased Outlet PSE. We are going to blow out some of their stock that we wish to no longer carry. Once it is gone, we will not reorder. 

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