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Apr 28, 2011
West Central Wisconsin
A while back i picked up this NOS Code 3 500 equiped with a 60 watt #7455 halogen bulb. I had only seen pictures of the 500 before and upon receiving it was impressed with the size and weight of the light. Something i found unique about the light is the bulb holder assembly with the vertical tension brackets that hold the bulb in place. All of the other model 500 lights i had seen before had the wire clip type quick change bulb holders that were associated with the Code 3 sealed beam XLs and later models of the Code 3 SDs.
In conversing with Dan (member dmathieu) he indicated he had not seen this type of bulb holder assembly in the model 500 before and believed this one was likely an early release version of the light.

IMG_6637.JPG IMG_6650.JPG IMG_6623.JPG IMG_6624.JPG


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Apr 21, 2012
USA Michigan
That is a cool light and interestingly made. I, too, like the fact it's NOS with the box in great shape. I think it's a fantastic addition to your collection. I wish I had one. :)
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Apr 28, 2011
West Central Wisconsin
Any idea what year this was made?

i found no numbers on the box, the accompanying paperwork or inside the light to indicate year of mfg. i did find a SAE number (SAE W3 77) on the lens, which is marked w/the respective 500 model number, but that is not a good indication of the year the light was made.


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Nov 11, 2018
North jersey
I am glad you updated the pictures, I wish more people would do that. Breaks my heart when I see a post and read it's contents just to find out the link does not work or the photo is gone.

The biggest culprit for me is the green light thread! So many lights in there referenced, I would love to see but the photos have long since been deleted :-(

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