1. Engineer8307

    Engineer8307 Registered Member

    55" code 3 lightbar for sale. Possibly used on Ambulance. 3 rotators. Outer has cascade mirrors. Center rotator is fast speed. $225 shipped. (FIRM)
    International sales add extra for shipping costs. Need to make space. Minor scrathes, 1 small crack on endcap but fixable or replaceable. Red domes. 1 dome is newer than the others. Works fine. Paypal only. Pm for details/questions. Looking to get rid of quick. Need cash and space in garage. Do not want to toss, but might have to, rather give it a home.

    IMG_7934.JPG IMG_7935.JPG IMG_7936.JPG IMG_7937.JPG IMG_7938.JPG IMG_7939.JPG IMG_7940.JPG
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  2. Jarred J.

    Jarred J. Archive Expert Silver Level Member

    Just 3 rotators?
  3. Engineer8307

    Engineer8307 Registered Member

    Yes, just 3 rotators. Middle one is faster than the outer ones.
  4. shues

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  5. Engineer8307

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  6. dg0223

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    I don't think he's asking a question. He's trying to help you sell your lightbar by adding details of what it is you're trying to sell, rather than just posting a generic title like "Code 3 Lightbar Red" for sale.
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  7. shues

    shues Gold Level Member

    Hopefully the information I added was accurate. Good luck in your sale!
  8. coop359

    coop359 Member Silver Level Member

    This model was popular on the front of Ambulances because the back of it was blocked by the box. A lot of them had a clear center dome. Cuts down on AMP draw. Good light for a wall mounted display.
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  9. Engineer8307

    Engineer8307 Registered Member

  10. Engineer8307

    Engineer8307 Registered Member

    Bump. Come on guys. Not giving it away. But I don’t want to toss it either.
  11. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Stampeed Valkyrie Senior Member Silver Level Member

    Might have better luck on the bay? I listed a light like this on here for a friend of mine and that's the route he took to get it sold.

  12. Engineer8307

    Engineer8307 Registered Member

    It's on the bay. Guess no one wants these bars.

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