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Code 3 Model 3400 Siren

Looking for ANY wiring diagrams for the Code 3 Public Safety Equipment Model 3400 siren. I have the Molex 12-pin and 3-pin connectors, but no color-coded wires. Looking for pin outs. Images attached. I can only assume the large positive/negative posts were for power-input, and the 3-pin is for speaker output.

The 2N5883 amplifiers are rated at 200 watts, but I vaguely recall this was dual 100 watt speakers capable.

Anyone know its value? Bracket and Mic included.

I only want it for the electronic air horn capability, however, the radio output may also be a bonus.

Images are rough, pre-cleanup.

Code3_bk.jpg Code3_frt.jpg

Jarred J.

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screws are pos neg. 3 pin may be a microphone, pigtail would be for speaker, radio rebroadcast.

check with bill skinner at skinner electronics. he may make a harness for you if he doesnt already have them made.


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Bill Skinner checked, but nothing in his files. I will continue to seek the information. Microphone has 1/4" jack on bottom, so 3-pin unresolved.


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Perhaps some of these old catalog pages will help. I wonder if the three-place connector is for the common microphone feature.


No special cables or adaptors are required for the CODE3 sirens Model 3300 and Model 3400 which are designed for common microphone installations. Interconnections are made at the radio control head by simple field splicing.

CODE 3 sirens Model 3300 and Model 3400a re designed for common microphone use, i.e., the two eay radio microphone is also sued for P.A., although they can also operate with separate microphones if desired. In common microphone operation, selection is made using the Radio/P.A. switch located on the front of the siren.


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I randomly came across an old supplemental wiring document. It refers to
2 pole terminal block:
Pos: 14 g. from battery positive*
Neg: 14 g. to ground*
3-pin connector:
Blue: Speaker common*
Brown: 58 watt speaker
White: 100 watt speaker*

It also makes reference to:
12-pin connector: (usually only 6 wires in plug)
Violet: Horn ring
Green: 2-Way radio audio high
Green/Black:-2 way radio audio low
3 wires tied together:*
Brown: Backlighting
Orange: siren enable* (must be at +12 for siren to operate, except for later units)
Red: aux power*
Common Microphone connections
for models 3300, 3400 ONLY
Blue/Black-MIC HI from control head
White/Black-PTT from control head
Orange/Black- MIC LO from control head
Gray/Black-MIC HI from transmitter
Yellow/Black-PTT from transmitter
Black-MIC LO from transmitter

* denotes mandatory connections.

Main trouble is that I have no harness to map the color-coded wires!



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Open it up and you should be able to trace the speaker wires from the large output transformer to the rear connector.

There should be three wires: common, 58W, and 100W. To distinguish them, measure the AC voltage across pairs of wires with the siren operating. Common-to-58W will measure about 25 VAC and common-to-100W will be about 33 VAC.


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Miraculously, Code3 Service Technician, Brian Rott, has located some archive information that resolves this mystery. We now have the entire wiring color codes and pin outs.

My special thanks to all that have contributed to this thread, and a special thanks to Brian for his diligence.

I have attached the 2 files received from Brian as a matter of reference for future information to others.


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