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Feb 27, 2012
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Not even stooping to their level. I would have posted all of this in a dispute thread, had the buyer been bothered to create one. So Ill make my own

Alas i shall let the board decide on the matter

Sold them a dual talon in blue that id had converted from rb to b by our own wilsonbr: For a whole $40 shipped (which doesnt even cover the cost of conversion, shipment, cost of light itself, but i digress)

please note: when i got the light back from wilson, a few of the diodes werent working. i talked to brian, and determined the pin connection from the head to the board was the issue. for when i opened it nothing was wrong with it, and upon putting it back together and pushing on the unit where the pin is, the light worked fine as it should. the light worked without failure from then on for months, between using it in 2 vehicles

so as such, when I sold the light i had no notion of disclosing such information as again, light was working as expected (video included)

Unfortunately shipping took its toll on said pin connection, and when enchanted went to test it, the same 3 diodes were inoperable.

Instead of messaging me, they immediately filed a paypal claim. I contacted them both via paypal
and here; I attempted to walk them through how i got it to work, and explained what had happened when i got it. You will see the replies below.

I offered the idea of giving a partial refund of $30, for the cost of the light less shipping, as i shipped it on time and it arrived. They initially agreed. However, I am genuinely broke until payday (weds). As such my paypal account is in the negative for the funds for their dispute. Nor do i have the means to replace said funds until i get paid (this tuesday or wednesday). I tried to explain that to them, which was unacceptable to them.

I make no means of running off with this persons money, and they will be repaid as soon as humanly necessary. In addition ive allowed them to keep the light, as its not even worth it to have shipped back to me.

All of this started @ 0942 this morning, its now 1852. Ive been responsive since the claim was filed, and have offered numerous solutions, including the current of them keeping the light, and getting partially refunded (less shipping)

By no means am i trying to downplay their position, i would be frustrated too were the roles reversed. I am actively trying to make this good for them

So , in response to their “negative” transaction thread, if all this labels me a bad seller, well, then i guess steer clear of me
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Feb 27, 2012
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This is a $40 light (with shipping) with a offered $30 refund..... it has been all of 12 hours. This isn't a negative feedback worthy transaction. If anything I'm skeptical of the buyer now. Negative feedback is for when lines of communication break down and you are out items and/or money. This seller is clearly working with the buyer, and quickly (within12 hrs multiple contacts). Someone pulled the trigger on the neg feedback a little fast. Also, try to resolve stuff without paypal, it is faster and cheaper. Jeezzzzze....
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