Ecco 3rd Brake Light Mount


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Dec 17, 2022
Prescott Valley, AZ
MFG - Ecco Safety Group

Model Number - EZ1001W-FH

Link -

USE - Drill free Mounting platform for 2009-2022 Ford F-series trucks

Description - An aluminum 3rd brake light mounting platform for 2009-2022 Ford F-Series trucks. The mounting platform eliminates the need to drill holes into cab, and allows wiring to enter the cab via the 3rd brake light housing, available for both halogen and LED 3rd brake light applications. pre-drilled holes for Ecco mini-lightbars and beacons. Built in brackets for Ecco Safety Directors. Colors available are white and black.

MSRP - $320 (found mine on Ebay for $200 new)

DURABILITY 7 - solid platform. Uses a pair of bars to clamp inside of the 3rd brake light housing making it nice and tight to the cab.

PERFORMANCE 6 - Likes: -Good Gasket between the mount and the cab
-Safety Director Tabs built into it
-Rated for 80MPH (tested to 80mph yesterday)
-No wobbles, vibrations, or clunking off the roof while in motion
-Easy to install

Dislikes: -Not level on my 15 F-150 (has about a 4 degree pitch toward the front)
-The Ecco Safety Director mounting holes are not drilled high enough to clear the 3rd brake light Lense
(you need to stack washers and re-drill the holes above the existing ones for the director to fit)
-Not notched for larger diameter wiring harnesses. Standard 3-wire beacons will fit through the notch.
(the larger harnesses will not fit and need to be routed around the bottom as shown)
-Excessive wind noise.


Overall a decent design, just needs a few tweeks to impove on it such as the Safety Director Tabs, wiring channel notch, and integrated ability to level it easily. Pretty expensive for what it is in my opinion.


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