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Having noticed the outrageous new fees on eBay, the hassle of selling on Cragislist, and the chaos of selling on Facebook, we've begun ramping up our ages-old idea of a consolidated marketplace. However, we would like some feedback from the community to be sure it's worth the effort.

The concept includes both an eBay style auction system and an eCommerce-style storefront with "multiple vendors", those being members of the community and small business owners.

The most important aspect that we need everyone to understand is that we don't intend to make this a profitable revenue stream for eLightbars... but there are costs associated with startup, operation, and maintenance of such a marketplace. We would likely have to charge in some way, either via memberships or transaction fees. We will NOT be trying to gouge sellers like eBay and some other similar platforms do, but we will still be reliant on payment processors like PayPal, Square, and others that will take their percentage of each transaction.

To potentially offset the costs I mentioned earlier, we would likely also offer product or storefront upgrades to attract more attention to your merchandise, but they wouldn't be mandatory.

The groundwork is already laid out, but there are tons of loose ends that need to be worked out prior to a beta offering.

One technical limitation that some may not like (and others may not mind) is that eLightbars collects and distributes all funds in the same way PayPal does. However, we don't actually "hold" the money, it can be "distributed" at the request of the seller immediately following successful receipt of payment from the buyer. I can understand how some would be hesitant about this, but as of now, it is a limitation that we cannot change. It just means that we pay the transaction fees on your behalf and then pass those fees directly to the seller upon "distribution" of funds.

We'd like to hear your opinions, skepticism, and input.


To give the community some background, none of our staff members are paid, including me. We don't operate this site to turn a profit. The advertisements you see pay the hosting, licencing, domains, SSL certificates, and occasional upgrades throughout the year. If there are left over funds, they contribute to my cell phone and internet bills.

We'd love to make more money that might allow us to "do more" within the community, but eLightbars is not a full-time job for any of us, and without burdening members and guests with an overwhelming amount of advertisements or intrusive videos on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Just keep this all in mind when you're considering a response to our solicitation for feedback.


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Well I'm pretty sure as long as your name doesn't start with a "J" you realize ELB has a pretty good history of being honest and ethical so I have no problem with the money going through ELB before passing to me. Count me in on this.

Can we sell whatever we want on our store fronts?


Can we sell whatever we want on our store fronts?
We will categorize product offerings, but I think we will probably need to draw some lines in the sand to protect ourselves from a frivolous lawsuit.

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I'd agree with tsquale on this. I don't use elb as a marketplace as much as I thought I would, but if put into place correctly I don't think its a bad idea.


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I'm a forum member that mostly browses the forum to learn and get ideas. My involvement is primarily operating emergency vehicles in the funeral escort business, but also armed security.

I have found this forum to be a great source for emergency vehicle equipment. The prices have been reasonable and the sellers have been fair and knowledgeable. I also welcome the fact that the equipment offered here tends to be good quality and professional. That can be difficult to find on eBay through all of the "noise". Craigslist simply has almost nothing available.

If the for sale listings can be made better, with a larger variety of items available, I'm all for it.


I like the idea, and would rather buy from a member here than a random Facebook post. Can we at least make it mandatory to put colours of lights in the title, though?


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I'm down for this. While I haven't bought anything here, I can certainly see the members are genuine and honest, and the stuff listed for sale/trade is always as described. I'd imagine this to be a better place that FB or ebay for things.

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