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May 21, 2010
USA Nashville Tennessee
In over 41 years in EMS, I have used jump kits from many manf. like Plano, Bashaw, Reeves, EMP, Ferno, Thomas, Iron Duck, Pacific Packs, and just purchased an LA gear backpack as a "Bug Out" bag.

Iron Duck has a good basic jump kit and was very durable. Blackhawk has a nice tactical medic bag and accessories. I am not familiar with the Statgear. But Pacific Packs and LA Gear seem to have bags that lend themselves to better interior ALS organization, and bigger teeth on the pack zippers are nicely constructed. (IMHO the finer the zipper, the more likely it is to mess up.)

Many services also have a Medical emergency kit, a Trauma Kit and a separate Pediatric jump bag. The Ferno I have is really "big", set up for medical situations. Then I have a Conterra O2 pack, and Pacific Pack for Trauma.

So, you may find you need different interior layouts and that one manufacturer doesn't supply bags for all your needs. Some kits for pediatric patients may require smaller color-coded bags - are those available?

Some vendors will ship you bags for consideration, and you might see if you can get something you like shipped for crews to do a group evaluation. Until you try and put items into the pack, you cannot properly check it out.

Other considerations:

Are jump kits personally organized by each crew, or is there a standard assembly used by the service? Are additional dividers or pads available? Do you prefer a different color bag for a specific use? Where will you store and secure the bag? Will it fit within the space in the response vehicle or ambulance?

Good luck, and let us know what works for you!
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Oct 5, 2010
San Diego, CA
http://www.conterra-inc.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=87..I have this one now and I have used it many times..I love it..I keep my all my essentials, Splints, Bleeding control, Intubation Tools, Diagnotics to include pulse ox, I also have IV and Non-controlled meds in there as well as a small CO2 bottle and AED in it...its a large pack but it fits on like a backpack or can be carried by the handle or shoulder strap. they also make a smaller version that another member of the DEPT has and like it as much as I like mine. http://www.conterra-inc.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=222
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David B.

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May 24, 2010
Rochester NY (US)
towlercd said:
I have always had great luck with LA rescue sold by EMP. They are really durable and well constructed. Also wonderful customer service/life time warranted. I think this one might be similar to what you are looking at, but they have many different sizes/configs if not.

+1 The use of Glow-Flex instead of regular reflective trim is nice too- helps you locate your gear, and keep from tripping over it :eek: .

My personal bag-

L.A. RESCUE O2 To Go Pro Plus


Big enough for a D-tank & has color coded exterior pockets.

If you want an everything bag-

L.A. RESCUE ALS Attack Pack Pro


I worked at an agency that used the Pacific Safety Products A600 (the "brandname" bag it's based on).

- The center compartment was big enough to hold a D-tank with a BVM on top & O2 supplies in the interior pockets + a full size intubation kit tucked into the remaining space.

- The lid compartment held a V-Vac, OPA/NPA kit, & pocket mask.

- The rear compartment held several 10x30s & burn sheets.

- The end compartments were for PPE (masks, gowns, goggles, & red bag) & stethoscope/BP cuff respectively.

- The front compartments held assorted items- 4x4s, 5x9s, bandaids, roller gauze, tape, saline bottle, SAM splint, cold packs, Insta-Glucose, ring cutter, scissors, etc

David B.

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