End of a drought finally !

Discussion in 'Vintage & Collectible' started by Skulldigger, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Skulldigger

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    Well it's been a long drought for me. No new lights since October of 16. Walked into a little junk shop today and hit the jackpot. Walked out with a Dietz 211 and a Code 3 DashLaser with a Tri Mirror attachment and a wierd mount. All for $100 bucks even.

    The Dietz needs some cleaning up but runs nice and quiet. The dome is in great shape. The chrome should polish up just fine. It had good service on a Fire Engine according to the tag. I hope to speak with the owner soon to find out where it was used. Wish I could find a date on the motor but the motor has a light rust on it right where the info would have been stamped. Maybe someone has a date on theirs and can compare the serial number for a good estimate for me.

    The Code 3, like I said has a weird mount that I assume was suppose to attach to the windshield with suction cups?

    DSC_0494 (Medium).JPG

    DSC_0495 (Medium).JPG

    DSC_0496 (Medium).JPG

    DSC_0497 (Medium).JPG

    I want to go back soon, he had a couple more small beacons. One is a small beacon, about a quarter of the size of a Model 14. Has two small bulbs mounted side by side but facing opposite directions. Made by NAS.....I think... I just knew I could remember the model number, but I always forget the age of my brain. I remember someone on here having one of these lights and the talk about how rare those bulbs would be to replace.

    Glad the drought is over.
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  2. Skulldigger

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  3. kerry4951

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    Regarding the small light with opposite facing rare bulbs......are you sure you arent referring to the Dietz 7-05. Its a small rotator with two bulbs facing back to back. The bulbs are very rare and hard to find. I have one with a red dome. One just sold on Ebay and that one had an amber dome. Most seem to have amber domes.
  4. Skulldigger

    Skulldigger Site Veteran

    I had to look it up, but yes that is the design. Maybe it was Dietz, i was thinking NAS but that looks like it. Yellow dome was all cracked up.
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  5. Skulldigger

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    OK after more searching I found out what it is for sure. It is a NAPA 493. I remember after seeing the one Crownfire has on this post. It does have the bulbs in it and it says it works. I am assuming after what I have read it is worth going back for if nothing else but the bulbs.

  6. kerry4951

    kerry4951 Junior Member

    Yep. its a rebadged Dietz 7-05
  7. Skulldigger

    Skulldigger Site Veteran

    Worth going back for I suppose. If not just for the bulbs?
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  8. jph2

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    A couple of nice additions there; glad your drought is over. Clearly the drought affected those suction cups--they look terrible!

    I remember those mounts; they were a universal thing designed to rest the plate on the dash for your mag-mount dash light; the suction cups kept it from sliding all over the place.
  9. Crownfire

    Crownfire Member

    Congratulations! Nice score. Definitely go back and get the little Napa 493. I think I have a dome available if it needs one.
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  10. Skulldigger

    Skulldigger Site Veteran

    Ok guys, heading back for the NAPA. What's a good price to go for?
  11. cmb56

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    Tell the seller that the lamps inside are "out of production" and hard to find so he understand that the light is "unuseable" and you might get it cheap.
    This type of dealing usually work with sellers that do not understand or do not care of making a lot of money on what they have.

  12. Crownfire

    Crownfire Member

    If you got a 211 and a Dash Lazer for $100 you should be able to take the Napa home for $25 or so.
  13. Skulldigger

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