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Discussion in 'Audible Warning Equipment' started by Fenn, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Fenn

    Fenn Member

    I'm looking for feedback on speaker mounting locations for the newer 2015+ expeditions. The only vehicle specific brackets I can find are the whelen for the sa315p, which will also mount a triton and cyclone, and the federal signal for the es100.

    The whelen puts the speaker in the middle of the grill and really seems like the best option

    The federal signal mounts it between the headlight and the front wheel

    My questions are,
    Where are you guys placing them when upfitting?
    Does mounting the speaker on the frame between the headlight and front wheel drastically diminish the sound?
  2. FEVER

    FEVER Platinum Level Member

    Push bumper! lol
  3. Fenn

    Fenn Member

    I wish but it's not possible. On a side note how does snow impact the speakers? I was wondering if it was on a push bar if that would shorten its life.
  4. FEVER

    FEVER Platinum Level Member

    I don't know about that but push bumper mounting is pretty standard in Florida. Even in the beach agencies with the salt water.

    I think with all the active shutter vehicles now you are going to start seeing more push bumpers out of a necessity.

    Certainly reduces the sound output behind the bumpers.
  5. FEVER

    FEVER Platinum Level Member

    If it's a budget thing. I have one I'd let got cheap. Lol
  6. rohmers

    rohmers Member

    I have two mounted behind bumper cover under headlights. I can't tell the difference at All! There is tons of room and it's really easy to mount down there

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