External SoundOff Pinnacle Owners


Oct 2, 2010
Berwick, PA
How do you like the bar? I was thinking about getting a 54" for my F150. I plan on all blue with amber in the rear modules for the traffic advisor. The rears do have dual color right? also, do they come with the switchbox? I was watching the video over on sirennet.com and it looked pretty decent but am looking for some feedback from owners. Thanks! A video I found on the tube.



May 24, 2010
My agency now has 14 Pinnacle bars in service, including the one on my car which is all blue with 6 split Blue/Amber in back. We are very pleased and they have been working great. They are not quite as bright as our Legend bars, but are brighter than our Arjent SL & S2 bars (in my opinion...the Legend is just crazy bright.) Ours are the standard power units, there is now an option for double the LEDs and full split colors 360 degrees. All the officers really like them, they look good, the LED TD & Alleys are nice, and the colors are true. Blue is a nice royal blue and I haven't seen any hint of teal.

I have also sold and installed 12 or so Pinnacles to two other agencies recently and they have also been pleased. I have had no issues at all and installation is straight forward and overall very similar to a Legend or Arjent S2 bar as it uses an external interface box. Just wire your controls to the interface (SOS calls it a break-out) box and it communicates with the lightbar using a phone-type cable (not Cat5). Lightbar has a ground and power cable as well.

Do read the instructions through and follow them especially regarding the mounting sequence.


Aug 24, 2010
South Florida
I was down in Miami for a funeral for two heroes killed in the line of duty. I spoke with a rep from emergency vehicle supply who said they have been selling lots of pinnacles lately. Apparently they have been had some issues with the legend lightbars. A small town in Miami-Dade just switched from the liberty to the pinnacle. During the procession the Miami car with the legend was sitting next to the car with pinnacle. Honestly, the pinnacle was hard to beat. From a distance it was more visible and it was blinding to look at. This was brand new pinnacle all decked out. It looked good and the Medely PD loves them. Another bar I was impressed with was the defender. Either way, I think you will love the pinnacle.

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