FD Ram 3500 Untility all Feniex

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  1. DefianceEngineCompany

    DefianceEngineCompany Senior Member

    It's been long time since I have posted, so I'll start off again with this all Feniex 2017 Ram 3500 Utility Build I just completed.

    1 - Signel Color 49" Fusion Lightbar
    6 - Dual Color Fusions
    4 - Dual Color Cannons
    1 - Typhoon Full Function Siren
    1 - Triton Speaker


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  2. pdk9

    pdk9 Veteran Member

    Nice setup. Personally, even though other ppl like them for Dual color functionality, I prefer larger solid color lightheads on pickups/trucks (i.e. 2 Widelux 7x3s on all sides of the truck for perimeter warning) over dual color fusions.

    Any striping/graphics planned?
  3. Charger17

    Charger17 New Member

    Looks really nice! I'm waiting on a ram to come in for an unfit and trying to get some ideas! I like how you mounts the typhoon and radio. Does the cupholder still function? When you pull the cupholder out to use it if it is functional how do you operate the controls?

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