Fed Sig Aerodynic letter meanings?

Hello everyone.

Does anyone has a list of what all those letters at the end of the 22/24/25. Seems like just about every letter of the alohabet was tacked on the end.

Also, assuming the Model 22 was the first Aerodynic version, when did it even realease? I've seen some Aeros on 50's/60's Ford fire engines that served the old fire district in my area.


I should probably redo this video at some point.
The first Aerodynic was introduced in the second half of 1976 and it was the Model 24. The Model 25, which was the first to replace the speaker section with lenses for an all-light Aerodynic came about in 1980. The Model 22 mini-Aerodynic and Model 24R and 24X Aerotwinsonic were introduced in 1982.
For the letters after the model number, they indicate specifcs about that particular Aerodyic and any option that were factory installed.
E = End Lamps
A = Alley
H = Halogen lamps
CF = Crossfire, mouse ears style
CF-SB = CF as above, Series "B", I think. CrossFires that are independent from each other.
T or TT = Takedown light, single or double
C = California
Q = Quartz Halogen Bulbs
Z = custom job done at Federal
I = Independent Rotators
S = Small frame
M = Medium frame

R = Single direction cascade mirror flash
X = Front and rear cascade mirror flash
V ="V" Mirrors
F = Flashers
RWL = Single Direction cascade mirror Wrecker Lightbar

22 = 4-section minibar
24 = 3-, 3-1/2- and 4-section lightbars with center speaker
25 = All-Light 10-section lightbars

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