Federal JetStrobe functioning now


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Hello, everyone, again.

I finally got my JetStrobe installed on my truck and all wired in, with all the known functions and patterns working great. I love it a lot and it's my first REAL lightbar, plus my truck looks real sweet with it.

I pretty much wired the harness to the battery via breaker and ran the wires neatly and safely to my control unit. It works, but I was wondering if it's the only way to do this. Is this how they do it in a police car? I imagine in a real emergency vehicle, they would wire into a junction box off of the main battery, so they could wire in multiple light systems, not just a bar? I've watched videos on light installation on a police vehicle and it looks very complex and not just merely hard wiring directly from the battery to the bar. Either way mine works and I believe as safe as it can be installed.

My friends think I'm dumb for putting on the old, clunky and power hungry JetStrobe and should of gotten a low profile LED. Nah....I like the old bubbles so much more and my truck looks bad ass with it. I have no real use for it I just wanted a real, full lightbar, however it will be nice for roadside emergencies and such, plus the take downs make good auxiliary lights at camp. I can also run the rear wig wags durring winter in case of a snow storm. My light is all Amber strobes alternating a white strobe every other strobe. I DO have ONE red lens on the back, not sure if that will be legal as it does flash. I have the red lens as one of the rear wig wags, alternating with an Amber. I may put it back as Amber/white, but might leave it there until the law says otherwise.

TBH I'd like to make this a tow truck light, with turn signals and brakes lights, but I think this isn't possible with a JetStrobe.

Jarred J.

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