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Sep 13, 2023
Does anyone have, or is anyone willing to take a few pictures of the inside of the amplifier (federal signal smart siren ss2000sm amp for the ss2000sm control head? I need something to compare the wiring inside my amp to, and I can't find any pictures high resolution enough online to be able to clearly see what I need to see. Wiring/circuit blueprint for the amp would work too, but the pictures would be easiest and most convenient. What I need is side shots and a fairly closeup overhead shot with good lighting. I need to double check the wiring coming out of the amps transformer that runs to both of the jumpers and out the back of the amp. I've got a 100w siren speaker wired to the amp and everything functions properly, except that the siren speaker is about 3% as loud as it should be. It's basically inaudible unless you're face is in the grill.
Wiring looked like it'd been altered when I first opened the amp so I'm guessing I need to figure out what the last person did to it.
Anyway, thanks in advance!!
Here ya go…


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Well, that's odd. Mine looks different. I noticed on the sticker on the bottom of the amp, it says SS2000SM-SB. Perhaps the SB has something to do with it. What does yours say on the bottom? If the sticker is still there I mean. I'm pretty sure I have a ground wire out of place inside the amp. And I think maybe it's the black wire originating in the transformer. Does anyone know where it should go or perhaps have some information to reference?
In mine there are only two ground connections and the transformer doesn’t have a black ground wire.

Black wires go from the ground lug to j9 & j11 n the out to the ground pin on the 12 pin siren connector.



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First I wanna say thank you for taking the time to reply and help out. I meant to upload this yesterday. This is what mine looks like.


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You’re welcome. I have seen these before, and likely an older version.

My first guess particularly with you saying it looks altered is the siren amp blew (which is why you hear it at 3%). Someone tried to fix it and failed.

These are notorious for grounding issues and because of that don’t work properly but if you have a solid ground going to the amp and it’s siren is still at 3% I’d be looking for a new amp, or if you like the switching, setup a alternative siren through the aux buttons.

I once ran an ss2000 touchscreen with a Carson 1022 electronic mechanical tone. This was circa 2007 so not common then and it was baller.

Point being, you can run an aux siren even if your primary siren has failed.

You can also find another ss2000 amp on eBay, they pop up and are usually cheap.

Wanted ads here can also be fruitful.

Good luck!

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