Federal Signal Vision Programming


Aug 6, 2017
Ontario, Canada
Not a huge FS guy myself, but that's a bloody good tutorial! Love the Whelen Edge on top of the Vision! Reminds me of the original RoboCop! If you put that on an 1987 Ford Taurus decked out like the ones in the movie, you'll become a hero to thousands, myself included. Also love the red-blue Jetsonic and the blue AeroDynic as well! I'm still new to older lightbars, but what's the blue lightbar to the left of the Edge? I loved that model of lightbar as a kid.

Your lightbar collection is a thing of beauty. My gut feeling tells me that what's in this video is only a small shred of the collection. I'd love to see more of that collection! Do you have a MARS Skybolt, by chance?

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