For Sale Federal Signals CNSM 4 head stick


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Federal Signals CNSM 4 head stick - blue leds

Used but looks new blue led bar. comes with serial interface mod to control the light. 5+ft cat5 and power wires. Control wire 1.5ft. Mounts included.

Sent back to FS as some of the led's were not working. 6/14/18 they upgraded firmware, resoldered connectors, re-flowed led's, re-synced. Nice and bright

I was told it has all white leds too but can't get them to work so it might not have the function. That's why im saying its all blue. Can't use in my new patrol car so gotta go.
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What is the model of this? In the 1 pic you have the sticker with model & config but it says, DS-RAAA. PS-AAAB

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