Feniex Apollo Interior Bar and Ram 1500

Just need some clarification on the Apollo Interior bar. I am being offered a Universal split Apollo model. I have a 2014 Ram 1500. I am aware the Fusion bar use both custom brackets and custom housing for the Ram 1500, but did the Apollo also have a vehicle specific housing available?

I know I can purchase the Ram 1500 brackets for the Apollo, and was told the fusion bar brackets should work on the Apollo as well, but just wasn't sure how well the Apollo universal would fit especially if the Apollo had custom housings as well. Not as easy to find details since they are discontinued. I am trying to see if I can go do a test fit real quick but it's about an hour drive to the seller.
Sorry guys missed all the replies after the initial reply. I forgot it only emails the initial reply . I am in need of all red or red white combo. I just nailed an inner edge xlp for 400 bucks, if I don't like it I think I'll get the fusion or apollo. I'm just collecting pieces for the install at this point.