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Feniex Hammer - low frequency siren


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From the link:
  • All-in-one system includes a built-in siren, amplifier and speaker
  • True 100 watt siren amplifier
  • 7 self-activated tones: Phaser (Mode 1 Default), Slow Yelp (Mode 2 Default), PCall Slow (Mode 3 Default), Wail, Mechanical, Hi-Lo, Hammer (Custom Tone)
  • Weatherproof and corrosion-resistant
  • Compatible with every siren on the market
  • Mount on any vehicle with included universal bracket
  • 5 additional brackets available for custom mounts
  • Easy installation with 8-pin wire harness



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It seems like some information is missing. The description seems to contradict itself:

The Feniex Hammer features the latest in low-frequency technology: the all-in-one system includes a built-in siren, amplifier and speaker. The system receives siren tones, reduces them to 1/4 of the incoming frequency then replays them through the 6'' speaker.

If this is an all-in-one system that includes a built-in siren, then why would it need to receive siren tones and reduce them to 1/4 of the incoming frequency?

Jarred J.

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7 built in tones, but can handle other manufacturers as well then reduces there tones to make it work?


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Ive inquired about this, and have not gotten a straight answer. However, from what I understand, it is a seperate speaker and amplifier, just like your Growler's, Howlers, and Rumblers, and you SUPPOPSEDLY will be able to buy a 2nd speaker to make it a 200w unit.

Also, it is NOT DataLink Compatible....kinda silly IMO. why would you not do that?

As I could not get a straight answer from Feniex, I have collected this knowledge from several attendees of the Feniex Master Event a few weeks ago, so the information is 2nd hand, at best.

Jarred J.

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It's only $200?

Here is another one live.

According to the description on Facebook, the first 8 tones are the internal tones of the Hammer itself. The remainder are the Typhoon tones with the Hammer activated through it.

I think I may end up trying this out.


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