Feniex Typhoon Controller and Siren cut off when using Portable Radio


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Recently notice an operation issue when siren speaker is activated and running LED lights. When using the a portable radio with in the cab of my vehicle, once the Mic is keyed up, it turns off the siren. Once I am done transmitting the siren kicks back on. The controller and LED stay operational the whole time.

Has anyone had a issue like this recently. I have reach out to support and we are trouble shooting, but they have not heard of this being a problem.

Current the Amp and controller are under/near driver seat. the speaker is behind the grill exterior.

Portable is in range of the center console.


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Assuming the portable is running off battery power, not connected to the vehicle in any way, it’s an RF issue.

First, I’d verify that you have a solid ground connection. Body hardware isn’t always electrically reliable. As a test, you can run a temporary jumper direct to the battery negative. An RF filter in the power line might help as well.

If that’s not it, I’m wondering if the Typhoon control inputs (park kill or rebroadcast) could pick up RF and cut out the siren. If they’re unused, try grounding them through 1k resistors.

If none of the above helps, you’re looking at shielding (ugh) or using an external antenna.


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The radio is a Motorola XTS1500 portable radio. It’s not wired to siren controller or car.

It’s a new install for past 3 months. I was just recently promoted and had to install on POV.

The siren and lights are not used everyday as my responses have been limited. Or it is a non emergency response.

But I noticed it when I used the portable a few days ago with siren on. Normally I am not on the radio while responding. Make sense?

So yes, I agreed, I think it’s a RF issue with the portable being inside the vehicle and being used the same time then siren is on. But Feniex themselves said this should not happen.

I can post pictures on install if needed

Jarred J.

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what range is your radio? uhf vhf 800 900?


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Im curious to know what kind of cable runs from your amp, to your speaker? Also, Where does the cat 5 from the controller to the amp run ?


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Im curious to know what kind of cable runs from your amp, to your speaker? Also, Where does the cat 5 from the controller to the amp run ?
16 gauge going to speaker under grill.

10 gauge is my power and ground for amp

the cat 5 runs nearly 2 feet as the controller is mounted by the driver seat and the amp is under the driver seat.


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When you say 16gauge for speaker. Is it paired cable or single conductors? RF does a lot of wild things. First and foremost follow mountain man’s advice on checking your grounds. When you transmit from a portable inside a vehicle the RF can reflect off the vehicle body and as you know, any metal part of the vehicle body is considered ground. Also, how’s the antenna on your radio? Is it bent with all the spring showing? Is the antenna the correct antenna for the radio? I ran a typhoon in my old service truck for a couple years, never ran into this issue once. I had 3 mobiles and two portables.
As long as your grounds are made correctly, and there are no broken ground straps on your vehicle body you should be good . If your siren speaker cable is pinched in a trim somewhere and going to metal, that could also cause this issue

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