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    I have a brand new in the box Typhoon controller $199.00 shipped.
    • 100W
    • 21 programmable Siren tones
    • 6 Auxiliary outputs (3.5A)
    • Auxiliary buttons programmable as on/off or momentary
    • Integrated 2 output wigwag capability (for lights)
    • All in 1 unit (no external relay)
    • Rotary switch
    • Included mic
    • Air horn, park kill, Radio rebroadcast capabilities
    • LED backlit buttons
    • Volume control
    • Legend sheet included
    • Rugged metal housing
    • Includes dash mount bracket
    • The Typhoon Full Function is a controller and siren all-in-one solution. The controller has 6 programmable buttons to pair with any emergency vehicle light. The Typhoon is the most advanced siren for cars; with 21 police and fire tones, integrated wig-wag, air horn, horn ring, park kill and radio rebroadcast functionality. The police car siren comes equipped with a microphone and mounting brackets and hardware. The controller has a rotary dial to easily switch between your favorite fire and police siren tones. The Full Function has an integrated relay and covers a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. For more emergency vehicle siren and controller solutions, visit the Typhoon Handheld.

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    $189.00 Shipped

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