Finish RV45 bulb holders

IMG_3007.JPG I picked up a Unity RV45 with rust on the top of the bulb holders. I need to refinish it. Is it painted or some other type of finish? It also has the larger motor. Can these be purchased? Are parts available for the gear box?
I do not believe these were painted. I ended up pulling the rust off of my light with Naval Jelly and a wire brush.


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Depending on how old the light is, it is either dual nickel chrome plated for newer version or cadmium plated for older versions.

Motors and gear boxes are no longer available. We had to discontinue the lights because we could no longer get motors from our supplier.
Thanks everyone. I'm going to make sure it works. Then I may try some silver colored paint. I have a couple of domes for it. Solid blue and red NOS. I do not have any spitfires.