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In the past, we've tried to find a happy medium to give members the venue to sell their products to other members in a somewhat organized fashion. This is why we've implemented platforms such as Enthusify/Panjo, integrated classifieds, and the current listings system we offer.

We've never received an overwhelming response about any of them... some hated them, some loved them.

I'd like to solicit feedback from the members on what we can do to help you sell your items.

Topics for discussion could include the differences between throwing a bunch of products in a single post and having a dedicated system that allows members to sell in a "multi-vendor storefront" operated by eLightbars.

Post/Thread Based Sales/Listings
  • CON: No transaction tracking, less secure, less accountability
  • CON: Listings/Posts can become stale if users don't constantly keep them updated
  • CON: It is much harder to organize for members looking to shop or browse for products
  • PRO: Members like that a ton of products can be pasted at once and published immediately
  • PRO: Other members can interact with the OP to ask questions
Multi-vendor Storefront
  • CON: Members claim it is too tedious and confusing to setup product listings
  • CON: Money would be collected by eLightbars and immediately dispersed to the seller (has pros and cons)
  • PRO: Products are categorized and very easily searchable by shoppers
  • PRO: Searchable attributes can be created by sellers bringing more visibility to their products
  • PRO: Feature-rich listings including product photos/galleries & options
This is my example of some of what I've heard over time. Let's add to these lists... tell us your perceived pros and cons for each. Once we have decent list, we can poll the members to see how we might be able to help as many of you as possible.

All I know is that Facebook doesn't seem to be cutting it... and I'm not too impressed by the current system we offer here currently.

Here is an example of what a multi-vendor storefront might look like:

Thank you


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The forum-based system has severed us well over the years.

One of the forum-based system biggest benefits is that it leaves us with an easily searchable for history of item prices and user-generated media, mainly product photos but also sometimes videos. Conversely, the various incarnarions of a storefront we have tried over the years have generally obliterated the asking price and restricted access to the associated media when items are marked sold.

At least one storefront directed users off-site and toward other items for sale on their platform. This may be seen positively or negatively depending on how relevant the other items are and depending on the audience. However, this practice seems like a net loss for us as a community, as such platforms may drive business away from our members and toward their competitors.

Stampeed Valkyrie

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mixed bag, not sure there is a one size fits all solution here.

ELB needs to ask itself what is the primary purpose of this site?
I would highly recommend not getting involved in the financials between members. Having my fair share of ecommerce experience adding these services can quite quickly spiral site related costs outside the scope of just hosting and maintenance fees.

As for Facebook.. I know I probably miss out on many deals, but regardless I don't use it. I have no interest in social media nor all the garbage that comes with it.

One of the biggest issues I see is having a storefront, but then relisting items because no traffic is driven to the storefront.

Regardless of the final decision, its not my sandbox and elb deals and sales make up very little of my overall light bar hoarding.. err I mean transactions.. :)

or Aka whatever path you choose.. your stuck with me.. lol


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I agree about the whole facebook thing too much bullstuff drama that has to go along with it. I'm sure that it has caused me to also miss out on stuff but if I don't find what I want I probably don't really need it.


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I'm learning to like the current way of listing stuff. Yes it's time consuming to build posts if you are selling 50 different items, but as a seller, tracking them is much easier than it used to be. I've even done a "box of stuff for sale" just because I didnt want to list all 15 items separately, it didnt sell but I had offers on parting it out.

At one point I had a store front and listed multiple items in one gigantic post (w/pics & vid). It wasnt a terrible idea, but going back and deleting sold things or adding new stuff was also very time consuming.

There will be those that "like the old way" or "want more freedom to list how I want" but it becomes a disorganized mess for users to browse through. As a seller and buyer of new and used stuff on here I can say the current way works just fine for me, but I'm also not running a business by buying and selling this stuff either.

In any case the transaction should be peer to peer, not through elb as Valkyrie said, legal bs and all that. Although I like the idea of financial protection similar to that of paypal, I'd hate to see such a thing like that drag elb into a mire, or worse, shut things down. Although I'd still keep some form of "donate X% of sale to elb" button around to help pay the bills.

Whatever gets decided, I'm sticking around as long as I can regardless.


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I will echo what others have said. I have had a storefront since the beginning and not found it to be very successful. Folks don't seem to browse those like they do the classifieds, and it requires them to actually click in to it to see what I am offering versus knowing right off the bat. I think for the "millennial" generation, that is a drawback because they want instant gratification.

I like the current classified listings for the buy it now feature, allowing it to keep track of quantities, and having some prepopulated fields for folks to fill out. I don't like that it has both a "discussion" area and then the separate "ad overview" area. I think that caused a lot of confusion with people asking for price, photos, details, etc.

I also am wary of introducing third party payment systems and think that would shy people away from using it.

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