Free tickets for LEOs, FFs & EMS!


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I've been using this for a while without problems. People donate tickets to concerts, sporting events, etc and they are then given away to first responders and veterans. Most tickets come same day via Ticketmaster. I scored lower level Taylor Swift tickets last week and have gone to several MLB games courtesy of this as well.

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Hopefully you all find some great free events in your area
Taylor Swift you say... :eek: #ItsformykidsIswear

Thanks for this tho! Haven't heard of this before. I'll have to try to update if I end up picking anything up.


Tony I love and Hate you right now. My wife has been wanting to see Taylor Swift in concert for years, personally not really a fan. I signed up, did the IDme thing (already had an account), requested tickets for the concert for the 18th in St. Louis, paid a $14.95 fee for ticket master service, and had two tickets emailed to me from ticket master in less than ten minutes.

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