Gamber Johnson Interceptor Utility Console 2012+


Well in preparation for my new 2016 PI Utility, I ordered a Gamber Johnson Interceptor Utility Console from Adamson Industries.  My department is getting two 2016 units, and both were going to have the Jotto Desk consoles, I am not really a fan of them, so I ordered the Gamber for the unit I will be assigned.

I ordered it from Adamson, and it was dropped shipped from Gamber.  I got from UPS to my residence in a week flat.

It is the 7160-0411 with cupholder and armrest.  I ordered XTL5000 Remote head, Cencom, and Uniden BCT15X faceplates.  Somewhere along the line the blank fillers got mixed up and I got two 1-inch and one half-inch fillers, when I ordered two 3-inch fillers.  I am emailed Adamnson about that.  Other then that everything is perfect.

I do not have photos, but if someone is interested, I can take some.  I have it at my house until I can take it to the installer for install when the units come in from Ford.

This console is way above my expectations. 

The metal is very thick, and this thing does not have any rattles. 

The cupholder is ABS plastic, which is nice because cans will not rattle on the metal, and moisture will not ruin anything.

The arm rest is a really nice, foam molded padded surface that is bolted on the pole, and it folds up if needed. 

This console has three knockouts for 12v plugs, and to my surprise, it actually came with one 12v outlet with a cap.  Nothing in the guides says it comes with one.

All the hardware is included which is really nice.

Each of the faceplates come with screws to mount the items they are for.  The faceplate for my scanner came with two small screws for the scanner, the XTL came with two screws to mount the head as well as the Cencom.   I have never seen a manufacture include the mounting hardware for each item, I have only seen them give you screws to mount the faceplate.

This console has a very nice top mounting area, for cell phone mounts, maplights, whatever else you have.  I bought it because I did not want to use a seat bracket and pole to mount my personal Toughbook like I have in my 2010 Explorer patrol unit, and this console has the top plate to mount other Gamber computer solutions.  I was worried at first about the top plate not being thick and mounting items to it.  But after getting the console in my hands the metal is really thick and will stand up to pretty much anything. 

I also like the idea about having the faceplates mounted  to the console with Velcro and then covered with the rail.  And then the rail is secured by two screws on each side.

In my current D&R Console, I have removed and changed items a lot.  Enough so that more then one of two of the faceplate screws have been lost, stripped, changed.  Or the holes they go into have been stripped or had to be changed.  So there area a few different types of screws holding down my faceplates.  Including self tapping ones.  So having just two larger ones on the side is nice because only those get messed with, and they are larger then the tiny standard faceplate sizes.  Granted usually people do not change equipment.  But is is just nice to have the option that I am specing my layout one way.  After delivery, I may not like it, and want to reposition something.  Its nice to remove two screws on each side and have the whole console now open, and all I can change the layout without having to remove four screws on each plate.

To sum it up, this thing is amazing, it is built nicely, and was not on pack order anything else.  It came straight from Gamber days before the rest of my order from Adamson that they shipped (which should come tomorrow).  Everything is labeled, and the equipement faceplates came with the hardware to mount the item they are made for. 

Pros:  Nice padded armrest, with molded foam, not foam covered with something that will eventually tear off or something.  Strong metal, welded.  Nice mounting areas.  Faceplates come with everything. 

Cons:  Wish they would include extra faceplate Velcro incase you switch something out after you taped it down.  Not a big deal since you can just stuck the old Velcro to the new faceplate, and it will be sandwiched by the rail, so its not like it would fall off even if some of the sticky is gone.  But would still be kinda nice.

I wish the pole on the armrest was just an inch or two higher to allow to larger cups, to fit in the cup holder, if you put it directly under the armrest.  You can always buy a longer side mount computer pole I think, which I may do.  But regular size Monster cups fit fine, but screw top ones don't.  And these cons are things anyone can live with, nothing major at all.

I ordered a storage pocket for it from a different place and once I get the new fillers I will try to get some real life photos, and not the stock images.  And once it is installed I will try to get some as well, but not sure when the vehicles are going to be done. 

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