GPS Installers (Nation Wide)

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    This is not work needing to be done for my company (FEVER). One of my clients is a large GPS company and they have vehicles they track throughout the country. These are basic three wire installations (Need Power, Ground, and ignition sources).

    I can do 10 devices in about half a day without pushing too hard.

    They also sell Electronic Logging Devices and monitored vehicle camera setups. Sometimes they will get large city contracts and other times it is just small mom and pop businesses. In the past I've done as many as 2,000 for one company and 900 for a city for this company.

    If you sell lights, it is also another way into some agencies to push your products. That part has been great for me.

    Shoot me your information and I'll get it to the GPS company.

    (They are always asking me for installers around the country so I told them I'd build a database for them)
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    PM Sent.

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