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May 20, 2010
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Ok, ok, its not exactly an "install" but its still graphics, and its on response vehicle(s)

First one up, Jeep Grand Cherokee. You may see this in NY. Please keep in mind, this is what the owner wanted, and how he wanted it. I tried suggesting a bit of a different layout (less flashy)- I even did it in two "stages" in hopes of someone changing their mind. (didn't happen, they ended up wanting a larger rear hatch stripe as well) Also note- there really is not a straight line on this, hence the "curves in places. I was told to follow the body line. I do really like the profile "dots". Oh, and all this was done freehand, including cutting the actual graphic off the roll and sheets. (the dots were pre cut on a plotter, and applied by hand as well) Not an easy task to get a straight line.. but I did it.. about 98% of the time. :lol:

Stage 1:



Stage 2:



Yes, I know that the yellow reflective do not meet or line up at the back hatch, owner wanted it to be larger, and well, the owner gets what he wants)


Additional reflective was left with the owner, and well, most of the door jambs were not done by me. Personally, I don't care how gawd awful a door looks open- as long as its noticeable, and bright. IMO, getting in and out is probably one of the most vulnerable times on a road.

More stage one:

ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0214.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0200.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0203.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0204.jpg

ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0207.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0208.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0209.jpg

ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0193.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0194.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0196.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0195.jpg

More stage two:

ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0225.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0226.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0227.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0228.jpg

ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0230.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0229.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0223.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0224.jpg

ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0198.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0199.jpg

Okay, I will admit it, I also have some Junk in "my" trunk...

And I also did it in two stages. The first was done around 3 am at the firehall, after a tanker almost took me out- with my trunk open. I was just a FF than, and had responded to scene. The officer on the tanker "ordered" me to find some reflective back at the station, as my taillights were not "reflective enough" for him, and to apply it to the rear. I figured since my trunk was open at the time of the "order"... Hehehe..

Stage one:



Officer and chief didn't mind where I put it. After discussion the officer decided my leg/body was blocking the taillight closest to the traffic side. About two weeks later, I realized the POS amber reflective "strips" they had sitting @ the hall were not overly reflective further than 20 feet, so I upgraded- with a heatgun, some time, and some real graphics I had kicking around @ home.




ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0189.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0191.jpg ai110.photobucket.com_albums_n83_unlisted8495_Graphics_th_IMG_0192.jpg

And before any of you go, OMG its SO F*** ugly, how could you do that to a convertible.. see below:


Like I said about the doors being open on the jeep, I don't care how bright it is when its open- its not often.


May 21, 2010
I think they look, good except for the dots on the jeep. The dots need to go. But other then that they look fine.

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