Happy Turkey Day

Turd Ferguson

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Here's to your and your family's health, and may the lot of you get the bird today.


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Very. Nicely. Put. Dont forget to leave room for........


Sorry...had to...been at work for 12hrs today o_O

Turd Ferguson

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Stampeed Valkyrie

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Bumping this thread.. that time of the year again..

Happy Turkey day!


Jarred J.

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well its tommorow but ok..


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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, this is not a joyous holiday season for myself after losing mom after I got out of the hospital from COVID-19 not sure how the rest of the family feels but I'll find out today with 1 side.

Remember to Be Safe out there.


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Happy thanksgiving to all here.

Im not doing anything today due to not being asked to dinner by my uncle, but he asked my mom.

Sooooooo my turkey day will consist of a turkey sub for dinner :)

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