Has anyone ever done this?


May 25, 2010
New England, MA
Here's my idea: Take one of those sunroof tinted vent visors, and mount a light stick inside facing forward, (something like a TIR microman or similar), seems like the TIR would punch through the tint and it would be a pretty hidden lightbar. Of course this would probably only work on vehicles with sunroof/moonroof(s), as otherwise it would look weird. What do you think?


I've thought about it a lot, but pretty much anything that will fit up there will also fit above my RVM so I just never did it. Plus don't want to run the risk of messing up the seal
I did this on a friends porsche, the lights were really dim and we said forget about and sold it and bought him a dual avenger and mounted it on the headliner. But his was really dark almost more black plastic than anything else, but if yours is light enough i think it would be epic!
They make clear ones also... Maybe get a clear one and some NightShades and do a couple of coats for a "Lighter" tint effect...
TritonBoulder47 said:
They make clear ones also... Maybe get a clear one and some NightShades and do a couple of coats for a "Lighter" tint effect...
Lighter tint where the LED's will be shining through, and darker everywhere else, to make the light housing outline less visible..
I meant your nightshade stuff- but I guess tint would work as well..


I neeed sleep. (don't mind me)
I knew what ya meant... 2-3 coats for where the LEDs will shine through, then more for the other areas...

Yes, sleep would be nice... LoL :lol:
Yes. In NY its very common . A lot of times ppl buy this moonfoof just to put LED's in them for the stealth look. Most times they cut out the moonroof for the leds. Even with the cutout you cant tell there are lights . If you cut use single heads not a strip. Im not sure how bright it will be to go through the tint.
I once saw this on a FF who had a pathfinder. It was a cool idea, but the LED's didn't punch through the plastic well.
i have been doing installs like this for over 5 years, but what i do is make a cut out for the lights, usually tir3 or lin3 .....

its stealth, but then again its not a unmarked police car we are talking about.....

i usually do it on honda odyssey mini vans, with VAS plates... :lol:
RickLBZ said:
Take your sunroof visor, turn it around and mount lights facing out. Thats pretty much what it looks like in the front.

Ya but its the full width of the wind shield, just to clarify. O and they are UGLY!
I've seen too many LEDs try to punch through tint, either behind glass or some type of plastic object like that, and it's never performed well at all. Why waste the money and time if something isn't gonna perform well?

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