headlight flasher issue


May 22, 2010
San Antonio, Texas
2007 F150, i have the high beams running thru a code3 701 flasher and the fog lights are a Sound off flasher. i dont remember which model but it is brand new and recommender for this truck. The issue im having is they flash when told to they turn off when told, but when i am normal driving down the road low beams and fog lights on, if i hit the highbeam switch it will go to highbeams , but when i need to go back to low beams my highbeams stay on, and my fog lights go back to normal,i have to turn my foglights off to get the highbeams back to normal, the code 3 flasher is old , it has been installed in 3 other of my trucks, so i am guessing it could be that. im guessing i am getting feedback from one of the flashers. i have not tested anything yet. on a side note i noticed that one of my foglights looks like the lens is melting? im not really sure if that is related but just throwing that out...

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