Hello from Phoenix! Newbie needs advice

Hello everyone. I’m starting a local upfitting service for POVs belonging to officers who take off-duty assignments in Arizona. A percentage of my sales will be donated to the 100 Club of Arizona to bring things full-circle.

I am seeking a little guidance getting started, and couldn’t think of a better place to ask.

I was wondering if anyone has any liability waivers or other common forms that protect your company when you are upfitting various vehicles, that could be sent to me so I can have a baseline for my own forms.

In summary, I am looking for ways to request verification of affiliation with an agency, limit my liability if the equipment I sell and install isn’t used for law enforcement purposes or without proper authority (due to their self-control, or lack thereof) and just a document that would generally protect myself and my business.

I’m already set up as a reseller with Feniex and Abrams. Depending on the response (no pun intended), I might pursue other manufacturers as well.

I’m looking forward to making the streets of Phoenix a little safer, one POV at a time.


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We don't have such waivers. We have no culpability if someone uses the equipment improperly. That said, there have been people coming in looking for law enforcement colors that I've refused to sell to. We can't control who buys what on our website so that is a losing battle.


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I believe back in the day Galls used to list that you were required to have Identification and letterhead or such from your department authorizing you to be able to purchase said items of color before you could buy restricted items. You might want to look on their website to see what they still require as a point of reference.

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