Help Choosing a m.l.b: Whelen Responder LP CON3 or Sound Off Pinnacle Mini?


May 21, 2010
Dania Beach, Broward FL.
Hello Group, Title says it all, please let me know which option would be better, these will be installed in small sized volunteer vehicles like mini-vans or small suv´s. Color Red or Red/Clear.

I see prices on both are just the same price (around 129 $) however the SounOff has more leds right? Also does the Responder CON3 has any cig plug option? Any other hints, tips or advice for a nice led mini light bar in that range of price?

Thanks for the Help.



May 21, 2010
Dania Beach, Broward FL.
911 said:
i was thinking the same thing, but maybe thats the price of his country currency

Wooooow Sorry, My Mistake,,, LOL! I meant 219$ each, ... I wish my country currency was stronger than the US Dollar (actually each US $ are of our (Venezuela) Bolivar Fuerte "BsF" is right now oficially at 4.300 BsF, when you find these... :S Oh Well, Anyway...

The Whelen is wider and looks nice, but I Like the Pinnacle too, seems it has more installing options, the magnetic bases are standard, cig plug adapter, and more leds?... Do we have a winner here?...


May 23, 2010
i would go with the whelen bar. If funds are available go with the linear 6 version. But the con3 responder will do just fine.


May 23, 2010
Westerly, RI
Linear 6 responder all the way. I personally use one myself plowing and just last weekend 6 guys asked me where I got the bar and all said it was the brightest lightbar they had ever seen. The CON3 is nice but you get twice the output with the Linear6 version. Email me directly and ill give you a deal.
May 22, 2010
Central WV
We sell tons of Mini Pinnacles. Volunteers love them. Also, the Mini Pinnacle has 24 Gen III LEDs in the bar, where the Whelen CON3 Responder has 18. The Pinnacle modules are a linear style technology, where the CON3 modules are a TIR style technology which doesn't have the best off axis light (better head on light output). PM sent also.

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