Help! Need info on swapping Avenger modules to change colors


May 8, 2010
I have a VFD buddy in Texas who just got a dual Avenger with red/red modules but he prefers red/blue instead. He is allowed to run those colors, and already has a red/blue lightbar and red/blue grille lights, and the red/red Avenger looks a little out of place mixed in with them.

The big question is: How difficult are the Avenger modules to swap, and can it even be done? if so, do they require an electronics whiz or can it be done by a novice? Also, does anyone have a blue module they would like to swap for a red module that is in like new condition?

Finally, how does the Avenger compare to the Talon as far as intensity and off axis visibility? He had a choice between the two types of lighting and I advised him Whelen introduced the Avenger replace the discontinued Talon and it should be the better choice.

Any help and info will be appreciated, thanks.

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