Help raise funds for Furgeson MO PD


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This rolled across my feed today.

Help MO Police Replace Equipment MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO

It seems that all we hear about in the press are stories from the "protesters". What about the agencies keeping the peace and managing the chaos? These communities are spending incredible sums on manpower and equipment without any hope of support from the state or federal government. So they must bear the brunt of the financial burden placed upon them while they protect and serve. Ultimately, this means funds that would have gone to other services in the community have to be diverted to deal with the crisis. This is not only unfair to the local towns, but unfair to the law abiding members of the community that are affected across the region by these senseless and stupid "protesters". As a supporter of law enforcement and as a local business owner, I feel it's important to show our support and help these communities through this time of unrest. They can ill afford the exorbitant costs they must pay. Hopefully this campaign will help offset these costs. All funds raised will be used to repair or replace vehicles and the equipment that goes in these vehicles, for the police departments directly affected by this nonsense.

I am the owner of Responder Public Safety Equipment. I live in St. Louis. Our business is in the local community. We are about 15 minutes from Ferguson and several of the departments we work with are in North County, either right next to Ferguson or in close proximity. We have already had departments ordering equipment to replace items damaged or destroyed by the rioters. In speaking with them, they made it clear that they have to pay for this out of their own budgets and are not receiving any kind of support from the state or the federal government. So this is having a tremendous hardship on their finances. The funds will be used to pay for products we normally supply to these departments. The items they will most likely replace are those on the outside of the vehicles. This includes lightbars, push bumpers, grille lights, mirror lights, antennas, etc.. For cars completely destroyed, it would include consoles, radios, sirens, speakers, computer mounts, prisoner partitions, gun racks and any other equipment on the interior of the car. I am hoping we can fund the replacement of at least 2-3 cars. The state contract price for a Dodge Charger is right at $25,500. We work closely with the local Dodge dealer that has the state contract and thus we can arrange to replace a car with the equipment and deliver a complete replacement to a department that cannot afford to do so themselves.

All funding will be completely transparent and will be listed on the Responder PSE website. This is our way to give back to those who serve.

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Sounds like a great cause but shouldn't their insurance cover the replacement costs of vehicles and etc. heck if it were me id arrest the protesters and charge them for the repair costs.


I don't know their situation, but my department is a state agency, and the state is self insured. If we total a car and have to replace it early, it comes out of our budget. There is no insurance.

Restitution is possible,but even then how long would that take (and would you ever actually get anything).

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