Hide-A-Blasts wiring issue


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I have a set of hide-a-blasts, one works great the other not so much. When 12V is applied to it there is a quick flash from the LEDs and then nothing. Since there is a flash from all 9 LEDs on the lighthead I think it is safe to say the LEDs are good which then narrows it down to the inline flasher or wiring.

Has anybody had issues similar and can you shed any insight?


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I took a look at the installation manual, which I found here: https://assets.ctfassets.net/0j0u5f98aept/4r9QDrxUq4S2YIcU0sMK0S/f9fe01bef7a7964566f0fc7b40dce76c/21338.pdf

Two things come to mind:
  • In the Pattern Selection Timing table, powering the blue pattern selection wire for more than five seconds turns the lighthead off:
  • In the Flash Pattern Selection table, the last flash pattern in the list, pattern number 30, is called off:
Perhaps the lighthead was inadvertently turned off by one or the other of these methods.

Try resetting the lighthead to its default flash pattern by powering the blue pattern selection wire for more than 3 seconds but less than 5 seconds.

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