HLF Wiring Question for Chevy Tahoe SSV

Hey all. I have a 2010 Chevy Tahoe SSV that didn’t come with headlight flasher pre-installed (already checked the build sticker for the “6J7” code and the right headlight/right fender area for a flasher module). It also didn’t come with the loose red/green wire coiled under the passenger-side dash, though it does have a red/green wire that’s bundled in the “6J3” harness under the center dash with a Delphi connecter.

If I install a headlight flasher module inline with the right headlight, would I have to cut the red/green wire away from the Delphi connector and attach that to the switch? Also, which wire under the dash would be a 12-volt power source for the switch?

Appreciate your help, all.


That green/red wire is your switch wire. For example Install a sound-off signal flasher that is plug n play and the green/red wire to a 12v switch

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