How much is this Federal Signal aerodynic worth


The value I can not say anything about but I think we must see a little more of the state of the bar.

By the way, that bar is not an AeroDynic but an AeroTwinSonic despite the text on the name tags.

24RQ means sealed beam rotators, halogen sealed beams (H7600) and front facing reflectors in an AeroDynic housing.



AeroTwinSonic = Aero from the aero dynamic housing of the AeroDynic roof bar and TwinSonic from the mechanics of the TwinSonic roof bar.



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$100-$250 plus ship depending on where it's sold and who buys it. A knowledgeable collector would be at low end and may just buy for parts. Less knowledgeable person buying off eBay and who really wants one could be on higher end. 24RQ brings lowest prices of any Aero and cloudy candycane domes don't help value (vs red/blue). Having feet does help value. If bulkhead and speaker grill in good, uncracked and undented shape, that can help too.

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It's still an Aerodynic. Just a different variation of it. The Aerodynic was around for 30+ years and the version you have is referred to as an AeroTwinsonic. As @cmb56 stated its essentially an Aerodynic with Twinsonic guts.

As for price.. Aerodynic prices are in mass fluctuation currently. Bars that I would rate at $100 bars have been selling for 2x or more of my valuation. Bar condition is everything.. domes need work but how do the internals look? If the internals are clean and corrosion free I would say $150-$250 in the condition AS-IS. If you clean the domes up to look like the other bar.. I would say $300+ depending on buyer.

Without knowing the condition of the internals.. I'd say if you paid $100 or less that would be fair.


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I recently bought an AeroTwin 24X in Alexandria, MN last month for $175. Lenses were needing help badly, but the guts were good, original 4464 bulbs, and had a FS TS200 speaker in the center, plus the tube mounting feet. Made a friend too with the guy who was selling it. Good thing I'm a pack rat and had a pair of nice amber lenses with clear endcaps in my stash. Might be going to a new home soon on an mid-1970s Chevy 1 ton rollback in exchange for some suspension work on my classic cruiser this summer ('63 Chevy Bel Air :cool: ). I'll post a thread on that if it happens, heh heh :D.

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