I have to give it to this kid


May 20, 2010
Let me set the stage: little bit after 3am in my small town, dark, quite, nothing going on, and very cold to use southerners (31 deg).

Get dispatched to a possible DOA in one of the bad areas and on the way get an update stating 'a 7 year old is the complaint, states he will unlock the door when officers arrive'; I also hear EMS go en route. My sgt and I get there at the same time and he knocks on the front door. I remember the last time I was at the address, we were met at the garage door and we start to walk that way.

A young boy (caller) comes running out to us with his younger brother (4) and they are both in jeans, jackets, and the eldest one has a backpack on. He is visibly upset but is very calm, talks very clearly to us and repeatedly tells his brother everything will be ok and that we are 'the good polices', he can trust us. The elder says his grandmother is very sick and he can't get her to wake up. Sarge goes in the house as I keep the kids busy with questions about school and stuff until I hear on my portable 'dispatch, it's not a doa, have EMS step it up. She's breathing but not responsive.' Turns out the lady is diabetic and her blood sugar was 22 when EMS got there. Medics push some D50, she comes to, and I go outside to make sure the kids know she's ok and get some more info on what happened.

The 7 year old says he woke up, got his brother and himself ready for school (he though it was 7am), but when he tried to wake up grandma for their ride, she wouldn't answer him.

This little guy probably saved his grandmother's life by calling 911, took car of his little brother, and was smart enough to stay in the house with the door locked until we got there. I was seriously impressed with his calmness, the fact he knew the address and phone number of where he was (he lives with his mom on the other side of town but Sunday is their night with granny), and how he helped his brother. I don't know what is usually done in a case like this, but I def want to make sure he gets recognition for what he did.

Jarred J.

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May 21, 2010
Shelbyville, TN
that seems to be the norm here. kid calls 911 he gets on the local news.


May 21, 2010
Rofocowboy84 said:
See if your department will have a little award ceremony or something with news and such there....


I doubt my oldest would have enough focus for all that. We've tried to get them to remember their address, but even that's not going so well. At least both the boys know their whole name, and the oldest can probably spell the last name (it's not the easiest).

Great job son!!!


May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
That's about 10 times better than most adults.


May 21, 2010
JohnMarcson said:
That's about 10 times better than most adults.

that is amazing,it is a sad fact that more and more adults are calling 911 and have no clue where they are and are flipping out on the phone then you take a call from a juv that has all the info and is calm on the phone. glad things worked out for the kids grandmother and i think there should be a little evwent for the kids for what they did. the older boys actions saved her life

NPS Ranger

May 21, 2010
Penn's Woods
See if the local Red Cross chapter will give him an award, many have annual dinners where this type of lifesaving action is recognized with a certificate or plaque or something.


May 20, 2010
Centre County, PA
NPS Ranger said:
See if the local Red Cross chapter will give him an award, many have annual dinners where this type of lifesaving action is recognized with a certificate or plaque or something.

I think it would mean more if it was coming from the police and EMS. Most kids could care less what the Red Cross is or what it does....


Check with the school as well. They often reconize kids who do this sort of thing as well.


May 20, 2010
I spoke with my PFC today and he had already pitched the idea to the chief. In the next couple of days, the detective will have the kids on our weekly public access show to get an award. They will be made junior police officers and an announcement will be made it their school. When I go back in Weds, I'm going to try to stop by the house and tell them again they did a great job.

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