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    eLightbars is has launched a new advertising pilot campaign for dealers interested in partnering to provide our community and/or industry personnel the deepest discounts possible. We're starting with a single rotating banner placed on the most valuable real estate a website can offer... right next to our logo.

    Our goal is to rotate advertisements for industry partners that are willing to offer discounts to our members. We understand that most manufacturers enforce minimum advertised pricing (MAP) and we're not asking that dealers violate those terms. We're interested in bringing unadvertised discounts, coupon codes, gift certificates, group buys, and other qualifying offers to our members.

    In exchange for the discounts offered to our members, we're deeply discounting the price per banner for partners. While the banners on our site might only point to a single product or promotion, they are generating traffic to the partner's website and potentially establishing a relationship with new customers.

    If you would like to inquire about participating in this partnership with eLightbars, please PM me and I'll be glad to discuss the opportunity with you.

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