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We are in the process of converting a school bus into a rehab unit and I've been tasked with working out the electronics parts.

-The bus has a 200amp alternator and two batteries wired in parallel.
-Bus will get LED lighting and a siren. We're wiring in a 100 watt siren right now, with prewiring for an EQ2B later on.
-Bus will have 5 mobile radios for different agencies around the area we cover. 2xCDM1250 VHF, 1xCDM1250 Lo, 1xXPR4550 UHF, 1xXTL1500 UHF. We are in the process of submitting grant paperwork to upgrade radios, which will hopefully trim down this number of radios.
-We are also adding LED scene lighting around the bus, which are cheaper style LED sticks. I know there was also talk of getting HD style contractor lighting for scene lighting away from the bus.
-The big one is that they want the bus to be cool in the summer for firefighters, but it has no AC. They have rigged up two AC units, one front and one back, both household units. We have gotten 2 inverters donated, one 1500w, and one 1050w. They want to run one AC per inverter with plans to have both running if we are on scene at an incident.

I'm comfortable wiring in the lights, radios etc, but I am not sure that the bus can handle all of the emergency warning, plus two inverters. Especially, if we are sitting at a scene for a while.

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better off buying a 5 - 10k generator them burning invertors running those...

there are many videos on you tube on how to run one off na invertor but your 2 stock batteries will not make it very long... (even with vehicle running)


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Those window style units don't have enough BTU to cool a space that big/uninsulated. Plus you'll drain 2 batts in about an hour, even with the bus running. You're best bet is to use the roof mount camper style ac's and a generator. One of those pulls 3-4kw.

Poke around in the skoolie forums and you'll see what I mean.

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