Is anyone familiar with '70s and '80s radios?


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I have many questions about older radios, and I know that the individuals on eLightbars have a wealth of knowledge.
For example: Old single-channel Motorola Moxy and 4-channel Regency L64C.
I have the Regency radio, but my internet search for details about it has come up pretty thin.
I have a couple of the old Moxy radios as well, and the search for them is also thin.
Online auction sites are, as many of you know, hit-or-miss.
I'm looking for schematics, manuals and parts if the price is right.
If anyone has or can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.
First of all...M1009 in your avatar? Looks like it. I bought one for my wife last summer and it's replaced her quad as a toy, 454 gasser conversion with a plow, has come in handy all winter.

Anyhow, I had one of those Regencies back in the day. Crystalled and required an external speaker, I believe. I had a VHF high model tuned to 2 meters and used it mobile for a few years.

If I recall correctly, a few years later EF Johnson PPL series (PPL6060 comes to mind but my brain isn't what it used to be) borrowed much of the same design and was popular to make into low-cost standalone repeaters out of. You may want to get in touch with someone on Repeater Builder, however the last time I tried to log on there the site seemed to be dead (which would be a tremendous loss).

That being said, somewhere out there is a 70cm repeater I made from a PPL6060, wish I never sold it, all it needed was a duplexer and power source and it was the most amazing little portable device ever! Entire setup with coax and antenna could fit into a medium-sized storage tote.


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Hi thanks! Yes, I have owned 2 M1009s over the years, and I want to get another one, but with impending nuptials, I have to watch my pennies.
If I had the workspace, I'd probably build up something like that and go get my Ham license.
I'm mainly looking to get an idea of where to find online resources, to better identify the Regency and the Moxys and perhaps get repair/restoration parts for them.

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