Junk Yard Visit


May 21, 2010
I went to a newly found salvage yard this morning to check things out. It's a shame a lot of the lights are just rotting out there. I saw Sireno's hill version, Beacon Rays, various Dietz models just rusting, domes cracking and chrome peeling! I wish I could save them all, but many were too far gone.

I did end up removing two....one decent amber Model 17 and a Dietz "hill light". I really didn't want anymore Dietz, but I stumbled on a backend of a rescue truck in the bushes. I thought it looked familiar and made my way to the cab and saw 268 on the intercom box! That particular rescue truck belonged to my fire department years ago and I spent many hours behind the wheel! I made my way up to the roof and there she was, the beacon was still there, so I had to have it. It was nice to come across a light that has some personal history.....never expected to see that truck again!

http://s288.photobucket.com/albums/ll19 ... nk%20yard/


May 20, 2010
Massillon, Ohio
You need to go back and save them. They can all be restored and or parts bought to make them whole again!
May 21, 2010
Berlin, MI, 48002
I know where there are about 3 fire engines worth of lights rotting away - literally. I know on the cab of one truck there are 2 184's (I want to say both are PA lights?) with the domes off & they had been off for years before I "found them" about 4 years ago. There were also some Federal teardrop-type lights on the rear of the truck.

Main problem: The owner thinks everything is worth a million dollars....


New Member
Jun 9, 2010
Palatka, Florida.
I live in a junk/scrapyard. I found 2 FS 184s, Code 3 SD bar, 3 Whelen 97 series strobes, and a Streethawk parts bar. Owner won't even let me buy them from him. :evil:

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