L.A. Co. Fire Paramedic white light


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May 29, 2010
Anybody got some good close-up pics of that white doray light found on top of the CTS twinsonics? what have you guys done to replicate it? did they use different types? any info would be appreciated.
It's not original but it's originally my idea. I took the bottom cup off my spray gun that you would use to paint a car. I cut it down and cut a hole in the bottom of it.......now the top. I put a do ray light inside and then put a lens on the top. I bought both the do ray 470 light and the lens off fleabay pretty cheap.

What gave me the idea was like you said, the light was fabricated in the L.A. County fire shops so you got to figure that they did body work there, thus the spray can idea. I had been wanting to do this light for a long long time but just couldn't find anything that looked right.





This is the best close up of the original light that I have:


I do believe the lens on the top is made of glass. The lens I used was plastic.
The steady burn white light was put on all rescue squads. It was used for pilots in helicopters to easily identify paramedic units from the air.

Here's two pics of which I found on the net of the light mounted on a Twinsonic CTS bar on Squad 51 from the tv series EMERGENCY!


sweet pics and info Ron! thanks! I found and bought all the parts i need already! now gotta build it.....stay tuned........ :D
Squad 51 Fan,

May I please have the source for this light, so my solid red CTS may be complete???
6043ron said:
How are you coming with your light Eric?
doing good ron, the can is at the machine shop being cut and drilled. then i'm gonna take it and have it powder coated white, just like the original. the 470 is being re-chromed at the moment.
6043ron said:
Dang ! you are going all out.
thats just how i roll :)

p.s. one of my projects i am currently working on even involves "water-jet" cutting stainless steel. hint, hint they are round discs :cool:

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